Uganda: New TV Series Makes It To Fox Life

Aired by MultiChoice, a new Ugandan-produced TV series “5@Home” has made it to Fox Life where it premiered in June. This development came after the success of the series Hostel”, which was screened on NTV Uganda and NTV Kenya.

“5@Home” is a drama about a family consisting of five people who, influenced by a difficult economic environment in the country after the national election, are going through hard times.

The story is based on the family of a former high flyer Henry Muwonge, the head of the Muwonge family who loses his government job after the election, compelling him to bring down the lifestyle of the family.

The Muwonge family became known for secrets, betrayals, disobedient and dishonest children. The show features series of emotions from empathy and anger to laughter and tension right from episode one.

In his words, the executive producer Richard Geria said

All the roles in the show are designed to oscillate along the emotional spectrum.

Produced by “Fast Track Production Limited” and shot in Mutungo (a suburb of Kampala in Nakawa division), 5@Home went into production in the last quarter of 2015.

The success of Ugandan-based stories of Hollywood productions like Last King of Scotland, Queen of Katwe and Wakaliwood has opened doors of opportunities for the Ugandan film industry. Therefore, 5@Home showing on Fox Life is a major boost for production houses in Uganda.